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Hong Kong, one of the most important monetary many sites on the planet, continues to grow in sign of protest. Since, on the night the so-known as "patio outdoor umbrella wave" has changed sparkling main business section of the city in a virtual divisive zoom, full of cries of opponents, riot police, and scrambles to gasoline split. Tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents - young and old, rich and poor - have quietly occupied main roads throughout the region, shuttering businesses and bring people to Bike EU a total stand still. They promise that China reneged on an agreement to allow their large open elections by 2017, and the desire "correct universal suffrage." Coordinators said Wednesday the event can not be concluded that up to China of its election recommendations and Leung Chun-Ying, expert-China CEO of the municipality, steps down. Neither party seems happy to keep distance, and no one knows what kind of arm wrestling ends. Hong Kong, a former British colony of seven billion men and women continues to be dictated under "one land, two methods", mainly because it was time for hands Chinese control in 1997. The principal is simple SY COMPACT umbrellas in theory - China is responsible for the defense of the municipality and abroad extramarital affairs in Hong Kong loves forced municipal governance and individual rights, which include an independent judiciary and the endless press. that relating to ceo - - its main political post is chosen by the "Nominating Committee" of 1,190 men and women, many of them experts-China elite. However, when the control got China on the city, he secured the area could elect its first leader by universal suffrage in 2017.

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